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senior pictures in colorado

I met Hailey and her family back when I photographed her brother’s senior pictures in Colorado. When I got a call from her mom, I couldn’t believe it was now Hailey’s turn. Wow, time flies! Hailey was interested in doing her senior photos at The Denver Botanic Gardens. I was super excited to go there because, um hello, it’s gorgeous. However, in order to keep it places like that gorgeous, there’s a price to pay.

Not really interested in doing that, Hailey went on and scouted locations on her own! On her own! I had no part in finding this location. I was a little hesitant to shoot at a park I had never been to, but this season was all about stepping out of my comfort zone. Right when I pulled up to the park I almost died. Died right there in my car because my heart literally almost melted. The most gorgeous landscaping, flower beds, garden, forest, and mountain view were right in front of my eyes.

Look for these characteristics when scouting for locations!

1.) Pops of color. All seasons offer great color! Summer has all of your traditional rainbow colors form the flowers. Fall has the deep greens with bright yellows and orange. Spring is full of whites and pinks, while winter’s colors will typically come from structures and architectures. 

Senior Pictures In Colorado

2.) No houses in the background. Unless your vision is to capture the neighbors overgrown lawn, or the car that’s been parked in the gutter for a month, lets venture out a little ways for an area that’s more vast!

Senior Pictures In Colorado
Senior Pictures In Colorado

3.) Features. While sunflower fields are fun (when they’re used legally for photography purposes), they don’t offer other features to get creative with. For example, a fence, large rocks, brick walls, or other angles. Look for locations that have a couple different places to pose against. 

Senior Pictures In Colorado

We were blessed with the best lighting I’ve had all season for these senior pictures in Colorado. It was barely starting to sprinkle which caused some great cloud coverage and a warm hue to the sky. Everything about this was perfect. It looked like we drove to the mountains for half of the session, and paid to shoot at a millionaires garden for the other half. This park is only twenty minutes from my house! I thanked Hailey for her efforts in finding our location a thousand times. I promised her that I’ll keep our special location secret so it doesn’t become overpopulated and ruined. I’ll be happy to lead you there for your session, though! Take a peek at this location!

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