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Indoor Family Photos

Have I every told you that I love doing indoor family photos, too?

Do you ever just have that friend that you just appreciate so much? That you just are thankful for them, enjoy being around them, learn from them, laugh with them? Laugh AT them? Nick is that friend. I’ve been lucky enough to still be friends with him from childhood. All through school and adulthood, we’ve been able to hang out and tease each other beyond belief. We’ve shared a connection through photography and this man has taught me so much. He took me under his wing when I first started to get my toes wet. I’ve assisted him, and second shoot with him. My perspective and talents are respected by him. Guys, he even sends me clients that he can’t schedule. I make money from this man! Ha! I’ve offered to do his family’s photos several times and he finally took me serious! Just once, though. Haha!

When his second daughter, Emery, was born, we decided (very last minute) that I would pop over for some newborn photos. Yes, Nick is a photographer himself. But, it’s nearly impossible to get a photo of yourself and your children when you’re also the one taking the photo. So, this is where I come in.

Indoor Family Photos Don’t Take That Long!

I photographed his indoor family photos for only about an hour or so, but it was plenty of time to get some incredible images. Boy, was I super nervous that Nick was critiquing where I was compared with the light, judging what lens I chose, examining how I wrapped his baby, all the bad things possible. I totally know what I’m doing in ever situation possible. Just kidding. Even if he did silently think all of those things, I think he enjoyed it. I believe his wife loved getting photos with her two little loves. I feel that his oldest daughter will appreciate having photos with her mom and dad when she is older. And I know that his newest bundle of joy will look back on these photos and think, “Dang, my family is awesome.

Colorado Indoor Family Photos
Colorado Indoor Family Photos
Colorado Indoor Family Photos

Nick, I truly appreciate you. Here’s to many more years of me begging to photograph your family. 

Colorado Indoor Family Photos

Let me help you plan your next indoor family photo session! It will be a breeze.

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