This summer, I was shooting a wedding with the most bad ass vendor team. There was one specific vendor there that sent my obsessive personality into over drive. A photo booth installed in a classic VW Bus. Doesn't sound like much, but it blew me away. Once I arrived home and I let the wedding-work hangover kick in, I told my husband that I wanted to do this. I wanted to do our own VW Bus with a booth inside. Within 48 hours, he found the most perfect renovated 1970 Bus located in Arizona. I prayed over this little car and about three weeks later, it was ours. I had to put a lot of trust into strangers that I've never met to make it all work, all worked! We still have a lot we want to do with it but that's okay. Anything worth having is worth the wait. And the work.

wanna know the bus story?

Do you have a travel fee? Your package includes 30 miles each way from north Thornton, CO. If your venue is further than 40 miles, a travel fee of $1.00 per mile will be applied. If your venue is further than 100 miles outside of the allowed 30, a travel fee of $2.00 per mile will be applied.
Does our time start when you arrive? We will arrive roughly 30 minutes to your start time in order to set up. Set up time will not run into your paid service time.
Can we add more time? You sure can!
What if I'm my event is out in nature? If there's a reasonable place for us to park, count us in! We can provide a generator for a small fee along with all extension cords.​​​​
How many people an fit in the bus? Four people can comfortably fit for a nice photo
Do we get to keep all of the photos printed? For each photo taken, two photo strips will be printed out. Often times, guests will take one copy and the other will be put in a specialized album for you to keep.​
Are props included? Absolutely. If you have additional or customized props you'd like to include, feel free to bring them!
Do you sell the specialized album for the prints? We absolutely can include this in your package for a small additional fee.
Are the florals included? If you want the floral decor as pictured on the website, yes! Or you can have a "naked" bus with only the PHOTOS sign. Another option would be is to have your florist make additional arrangements to decorate the bus to match your event.