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Family photos in Colorado

Family photos in Colorado are officially happening non-stop! A portion of the Wolfe family has been in front of my camera numerous times. This time,I photographed the whole fam-bam. All eleven of them! We went ahead and scheduled an extended family session for everyone, and had a special senior session for Tyler at the end. I’ve known this family for a while and every time I hang out with them, I like them a little more.  They’re as real as they come and make me feel so comfortable in my element.

The Girls Stole The Show!

We started off photographing the two itty bitty girls, Devrie and Caroline. Gah, I can’t even find the words to explain how darling they are. They really are just the sweetest. Once the girls had their moment to shine, we broke out into smaller family groupings, couples, and then finally onto THE ONE that counts. You know, the big one where I needed all 11 people to look at the camera without blinking? Success! Since everyone in this family are rockstars, we nailed it! 

When I invited Lori over to view her photos and I think the phrase of the day was, “Oh I love that one.” Tyler’s senior photos were also a hit. He ended up with so many fantastic images to choose from. So glad that narrowing down the photos are in someone else’s hands, not mine! Oh, and can we give it up for their wardrobe? I think it’s hard enough to coordinate a group of four, and they hit the nail on the head for all family members. 

Legit my most favorite part of the entire experience from start to end would be the day the photos are viewed. In the end, the Wolfe family was able to walk away with some pretty stellar photos. Their luxury products will adorn their walls for years to come. 

Colorado family photos are such a great way to get everyone together all at once. What a fantastic way to create some memories. If you’re interested in your very own family photos in Colorado, make sure to follow these tips.

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