what's the title OF your modern story?

While I'm here to get those traditional photos for your grandma's mantle, the real photos happen when you least expect it. Let's be honest (especially the dads reading this), family portraits probably is not your favorite agenda item for the weekend. A lot of work goes into it- the shopping, the bribery, and the sweating while doing your makeup and hair. I'll make a promise to you though- the session will be freakin' easy. 
While I pride myself on taking good photos, I take the MOST pride in getting to know the title of 
your very own story. 

trust me. i got you.

You're probably thinking, "Oh, my family is so awkward and my kids are probably going to be royal pains."
Nope. I've seen and heard it all. Plus, I work in a middle school- nothing is as awkward as them. 
Like I said, the real images fall into place when you're telling your kids to knock it off and you think my shutter isn't firing. It's when you least expect it. It's when your story takes over and I'm just along for the ride.

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Your experience will be authentic and so will your photos. The colors and scenery will be true to life (no weird dog ear filters here), and you'll want to show off your photos for lifetimes to come. 
Since we will basically become best friends by the end of our session, I'll know exactly what you'll love from day one. 


From our very first conversation, I'll be your guide. I'm going to help you make that shopping trip to pick out your wardrobe a million times less stressful. I have all of the great tips and tricks to a successful session. I'll be holding your hand during the session- no, seriously, I'll physically be guiding you to all of the cute poses. I'll be the one to make tears pour from your face because you'll realize that you look dang good in your photos. It wouldn't be full service if I didn't provide you with the most high quality products that will help finalize this chapter in your book. 


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Take my advice and don't wait another year to pass by. Do it now. 
You'll be so glad you did


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