Photographing Family is easy!

family portrait in winter

dad walking with kids

family picture in winter family pictures with kids and parents

I love photographing family! I get to meet so many cool people through social media and through word of mouth. So many sweet, good looking people are out there!
However, I really love photographing my own family!
This is my husband’s sister, husband and two kiddos and they’re as cool as they get. I’ve photographed them every year since they’ve been a family and I hope I get to do it in years to come.

The kids become more mature, more willing, and cuter with every year. Last year, Olivia picked the theme and location- superheros! So we ventured down to RiNo in Denver to get some urban family session shots. This year, they went with such a great color palette; burgundy and gray. One of my favorite schemes. They told me they just wanted the photos done at a park this year. I had to ask them if it was a play park or an open space park. I always get nervous when clients suggest neighborhood parks because I don’t like houses, cars, or playgrounds in the background. She confirmed that I was a nice open space. Little did I know, it was going to be one of the best places I’ve photographed at this year! It was amazing! It had a wide landscape views, fall leaves, trees, bricks, and giant rock formations. I call that a win!

We were able to get some great traditional posed shots as well as some cute cuddly photos. Like I said, the kids did such a great job. They really made my job super easy. Look how cute they are! Don’t you want to just squeeze them?!

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