Natural Light Photographer and Network-er.

Natural Light Photographer- Jordan

I absolutely love being a natural light photographer because it lets my creative soul soar. I get to experiment through trial and error. Be a life-long learner. Bury myself knee-deep technology. I get to fan-girl over the best in the business, travel to some of the most gorgeous spots in Colorado. I also get to bring life into not so lively scenarios. But one of the top reasons why I love it… I get to NETWORK! I get to meet people from all different walks of life. All different Ages,all different sessions, all different backgrounds, viewpoints, and experiences. I’ve been extremely blessed to meet and work alongside with some ridiculously talented photographers as well. Some that share locations, tips and tricks, marketing advice, and just good conversation. Photography is networking at it’s finest.

Natural Light Photographer-Mia

A couple months ago, another Colorado photographer invited me to a styled shoot for high school seniors. Ummm…yes! Right up my alley. Her home had so many outdoor settings that provided some amazing natural light for portraits, as well has an indoor studio. And the best part? The models were incredibly gorgeous. I mean gorgeous. I had so much fun posing them next to blooming flowers, fun colored houses, fences etc. Even tried my hand at studio lighting and loved it.

Natural Light Photographer Networking-Anna

How to know if you’re networking.

So, what are you doing to network with other professionals within your career or industry? How are you stepping outside of your box to challenge your slightly weak areas? Maybe you’re the top-dog in your field; are you leading the way for beginners that have the same drive as you? As annoying as it is to teach, reteach, and teach again- I promise the newbies will be so appreciative. Maybe reach out and ask how that new tip that you gave them is working. Maybe mention them on social media for their bravery in trying something new. Ask them to come shadow you. You don’t need to be a natural light photographer to network, silly! Do you have some mad accounting skills- share your advise. Tutor someone in a foreign language; after all, someone taught you! We all play a part in this networking web so make sure your part is solid.

Natural Light Photographer Networking-Astrea
Natural Light Photographer- Jordan

I have several styled shoots coming up in the future, so be on the lookout for those photos as well. Here are some of the shots I was able to get!

Natural Light Photographer- Kaylee
Natural Light Photographer- Emilee

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