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Colorado Family Photographer-Mother and Sons

Want to take a guess as to when the best time to do your photo session is? As a Colorado Family Photographer, I definitely have my favorite times of year,month and day to do your family or portrait session.

Best Time of Year.

The best time of year to do your family or senior photo session is when the colors are plentiful! If I’m lucky enough to be your Colorado family photographer, we will aim to do your session when there are lush green grasses, gorgeous honey yellow wheat fields, purple mountains, blue skies, orange leaves, and pink blooms. While I’ve done some pretty amazing sessions in the dead of winter, my favorites always have a pop of color. It’s so incredibly easy to find those bits of color, you just have to look. We are blessed to live in a state that is saturated in color for a majority of the year.

Colorado Family Photographer-Mother and Sons

Best Months of the Year.

Coming out of winter, the pink and white flowers blooming will make your heart so happy for the warm weather around the corner. In the heat of summer, you’ll appreciate the lush green grass between your toes. Heading back into cooler temperatures, the fall foliage will make you excited for scarves and boots. With that being said, I love May through October. Of course we can make some pretty incredible photos outside of those months, but May and October make my camera super happy. Late spring to early fall gets to be super busy, so make sure to get on the calendar early. Head to my Pinterest page to check out more sessions that happen during all months of the year!

Colorado Family Photographer-Mother and Sons

Best Time of Day.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again- Golden Hour. Hands down, golden hour. For the love of all things, golden hour! My personal style and creative eye is best matched with only a certain kind of light. Not all time of day offer that incredible yellow glow that back lights your hair. Shooting in the middle of the day doesn’t offer that even diffused light across your face. So what time does that mean exactly? It just depends on the time of year. I really aim for an hour and a half before sunset. In October, that mean sit will probably be at 4:30pm. In July that means we will be starting around 7:00pm. Yes, we can still make beautiful images earlier on in the day. But nothing compares to golden hour to a Colorado family photographer. Be sure to get scheduled now for your session in the future.

Colorado Family Photographer-Mother and Sons

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