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Senior Pictures In Colorado

How do you feel when you’re asked to do something out of your comfort zone?

Me? Oh, I say “Of course! Let’s do it!” while my stomach is tying itself in knots and my palms are making puddles of sweat.Cue big gulp and deep breath now.  Sierra comes to me from a referral of a previous senior from last year. She actually called me herself (on the phone, not even through a millennial texting sort of fashion), and explained her vision to me. She said, “I’m a country girl. I’m very patriotic and I love my truck. I need to include my truck.” Girl knows what she wants, huh?! I’m not gonna lie; not even a little bit. I was freaking nervous. I thought, “where the heck am I gonna find a location that I can bring a truck to? And how am I going to pose a gorgeous girl with a truck?”

Wake up, Comfort Zone!

The day came for her session, and guess what? We knocked it out of the park. All of my fears, sweat, anxiety, and ridiculous stomach ache went away when I met Sierra for the first time. She is rad, people! She is so easy going! I knew that whatever I asked her to do, wherever I asked her to park her truck, whatever angle I needed her to be in- she was game! Her vision met my creativity and knowledge of light and magic happened. We used her truck and her American flag like there was no tomorrow. Golden hour blessed us and she looked absolutely stunning in all of her photos. 

Senior Pictures In Colorado

If you have a vision for your senior photos, don’t be scared to share them. I promise you it will all work out. As a creative professional, I don’t have all of the answers to everything photography related. But guess what, I will try my hardest to find out the answers and meet you at your vision. Lets step out of our comfort zone together and take your photos to the next level. Take a minute to be in awe over Sierra’s photos. Stunner for sure!

Senior Pictures In Colorado

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