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Bride poses with bouquet at Della Terra for a mountain wedding in Colorado

Nicole and Ryan’s wedding day was good, guys. I can’t even find the right words I know the word “good” doesn’t do it justice, but just know that it was beyond good. A Denver wedding photographer’s dream.

Nicole actually was referred to me by my med spa, because her original photographer went out of business. In a pinch, Nicole reached out to me and I felt like we hit it off. Everything she was describing her wedding day to be absolutely came to fruition. In my opinion anyways. 

Bride in outdoor summer wedding at Della Terra in Estes Park, Colorado.

Now, what you must know is that I don’t claim to be a Denver wedding photographer. I don’t ever advertise for weddings and I feel like I’m gonna shit my pants every time I commit to photographing one. I know that I still get nervous for regular sessions, but imagine that feeling times a million. Like, nervous on crack. If I were to mess up a family session, I know that I could either a.) reschedule the session and keep rescheduling until it was perfect or b.) refund that family. But a wedding is different, right?! I can’t reschedule a wedding! The stress comes from the idea of having one opportunity to nail every single shot. The kiss at the alter happens once- gotta shoot it right. The cake cutting only happens once- gotta shoot it right. Get my drift? So, I was nervous obviously.

Groom standing outside at summer wedding at Della Terra in Estes Park, Colorado

I brought on the best second shooter ever, also named Jessica, to assist me with this wedding. I’m so glad I did! We had such a great night together. She calmed my nerves, we worked well together by dividing and conquering the work load, and she cusses like me. We have the same opinions about shots, not afraid to try new angles, and we can ask each other for help when needed. Not that we always know the answer, but still.

Bride and Groom at mountain summer wedding at Della Terra in Estes Park, Colorado.

In addition to Jessica being awesome, the entire vendor team was badass. I’ve worked with a lot of vendors in the past as a Denver wedding photographer, and we just never clicked like this team. I think we were all just having a lot of fun doing what we loved. 

The wedding itself was beautiful. Anything at Della Terra is beautiful, but this day was exceptional. The lighting and weather is what topped it all off. Just beautiful. Nicole looked stunning in her gown with her makeup and hair all done. Her entire bridal party was insanely gorgeous!

Flowers and cake at mountain wedding at Della Terra in Estes Park in Colorado
Bride and groom kiss at mountain wedding in Estes Park, Colorado

By the time the ceremony was starting, my nerves were subsiding and I was feeling great. I knew we were getting some stunning images that I was looking forward to editing. Before I knew it, we were dancing the night away and it was time to pack up. What a great evening!

Bridesmaids standing in forest for mountain wedding in Estes Park, Colorado
Bride poses with groomsmen at summer mountain wedding in Colorado

Jessica and I talked the whole way about home about how badass the night was. Not one complaint was had. And now…I just had four wedding inquires for 2024. Guess what- I’m so nervous I could shit my pants.

Bride and groom dancing at summer wedding at Della Terra in Estes Park, Colorado
Bride dances with dad at summer wedding in Estes Park, Colorado

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