As some of you already know, I was able to attend a photography retreat that was out of this world! On a whim, I signed myself up for one of the largest investments my business has ever made- an educational photography retreat and workshop in Sarasota, Florida! Wow, right? Right! Once I knew that I […]

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Let’s talk social media as a Colorado Photographer. I’m going to be honest- I hate it. Super hate it.  To stay private or not… I disagree with so much of what our lives have become because of social media. I struggle daily as a business owner and just a normal person with what I want […]

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It’s finally over, folks. 2020 is officially over and I’m officially thankful for that. I’m happy that my family is safe and healthy, but I’m so sad at the turmoil our country experienced. Here are some of my highlights as a Colorado photographer, and some of my lightbulb moments as a human.  I hung out […]

Something happened last year. Well, okay, a lot freaking happened. It was 2020 after all. I became a Colorado Boudoir Photographer. I know, right. Crazy I had done a couple of boudoir shoots for some great girls in the past, but it was never advertised, marketed, or enjoyed.Until… I was picking the brain of another Colorado […]

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Print your photos, guys.  Print. Your. Darn. Photos. I can not tell you how many times I hear people say, “I know. I need to print them but I always forget.” Well stop it. Many families that are so behind on their printing, that they’ve just “lost hope” and have given up because they don’t […]

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Holy crap. Amy Beth blew me away. Her photos are incredible and I’m so honored to shoot her Colorado boudoir session Guys, when I grow up, I want to be Amy Beth. No, seriously. I want the long locks of hair, the perfect eyelashes, and a body that will make any man take a second […]

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