Have I every told you that I love doing indoor family photos, too? Do you ever just have that friend that you just appreciate so much? That you just are thankful for them, enjoy being around them, learn from them, laugh with them? Laugh AT them? Nick is that friend. I’ve been lucky enough to […]

Indoor Family Photos

How do you feel when you’re asked to do something out of your comfort zone? Me? Oh, I say “Of course! Let’s do it!” while my stomach is tying itself in knots and my palms are making puddles of sweat.Cue big gulp and deep breath now.  Sierra comes to me from a referral of a […]

Senior Pictures In Colorado

Colorado family photos are my favorite. And I mean it! I met Michelle, mom of the Middleton squad, last year while working at an elementary school. We both had sons in the same grade that became the best of buds, so we were able to chat and catch up when I saw her. Honestly, one […]

Want to take a guess as to when the best time to do your photo session is? As a Colorado Family Photographer, I definitely have my favorite times of year,month and day to do your family or portrait session. Best Time of Year. The best time of year to do your family or senior photo […]

Colorado Family Photographer-Mother and Sons
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