She Goes By Daisy | Boulder Senior Session

girl in tall grass senior photo session boulder colorado girl standing near river
girl in field boulder colorado

I received a Senior session email inquiry from a mom that was interested in doing a session in Boulder for her daughter. I’m pretty quick to resond to my emails, so I emailed her back immediately to answer any questions she had. Within seconds I had an email back stating that the email address couldn’t be found. Huh?

I literally copied and pasted it from my contact form and sent it off. Again- it came back to me. I got my I.T. savy husband on the phone to complain about my website and how I’m losing clients. I asked him to hack into the black hole of the internet to find this mom. He told me, “Maybe she just entered in in wrong when she filled out her form.”

So I sent off my emails to a couple different emails that were similar to the one she typed, but no response. I was beginning to think that I lost a family and she was going to think I was a lousy business owner for not responding. So good ol’ Facebook to the rescue. I had very little information to search for, but I found her!We chatted more about a session and she decided to book me! Whoop whoop!

We decided to head to Boulder, Colorado for her daughter’s senior session. The leaves had already fallen, but Boulder never disappoints. The river was still flowing, the sun was shining, and the mountains were still calling.
We ended up getting some sweet shots of an equally sweet gal. During her in-person viewing session, I teared up at how much her mom loved them. Every photo, she said, “Oooh I love that one. No, that one is my favorite.”

They’re in the excruciating process of trying to decide which one to pick for her yearbook and which ones to print. I’m so lucky I don’t have to do that part! I wouldn’t be able to choose!
To think I could’ve lost this family due to a little typo makes me cringe. I’m so glad I found them, and they found me!
Here she is!

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