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Colorado High School Senior Portraits

Towards the end of every school year, I begin my search for qualified Colorado senior portrait representatives for the following year. I choose to narrow down the applicants and pick one to two students that I feel best match my goals, personality, and overall feel as a business. These high school senior representatives start by filling out a questionnaire to give me further information about who they are as a person. They answer tough questions that they probably haven’t thought about. I look for unique answers that stand out. Answers that prove that a student is going above and beyond. Not just for themselves, but for their friends, family, school and community. If you know of someone that would be a fantastic representative and would like to receive their Colorado senior portraits for free, I  gravitate towards Colorado high school seniors that have very distinct qualities. 

Colorado High School Senior Portraits

1.Focused on their own academic goals.

Good grades, good attendance, goal driven, and participates in school community events. Is all of that required? Well, no, but they all tend to go hand in hand. It doesn’t mean that you have to be on the prom planning committee to partner with me. It means that you should be focused on your school first and foremost.

2. Demonstrates leadership abilities

But in all seriousness,are you on the prom planning committee? Are you a captain of a sports team? Do you sponsor a club at the rec center?  If so, those are perfect leadership roles that I want. Someone that can come up with ideas, make small decisions that have a big impact, and then share it with the community.

3.Practices kindness

Easy peezy. This is not hard. I only want to work with nice people. The end. 

4.Down for some fun

All the fun people, come here! Partner with me! Colorado high school seniors, if you’re wanting a fun free session- we need to meet. If your parents are fun, we need to meet. 

Colorado High School Senior Portraits

This year, Your Modern Story is excited to partner with Alexis from Legacy High School in Broomfield, Colorado. Alexis is an avid competitive softball player and enjoys surrounding herself with fun and friends. She plans on attending college for her love of Special Education. I was drawn to Alexis because she’s down to help anyone in need and uses her own hardships to drive her further. She’s true to herself and isn’t concerned about the ongoing popularity contests that are prevalent now more than ever. I’m a little bummed that her favorite food is On The Border, and not pho or sushi– but I forgive her. For her Colorado senior portraits, we went to the Denver Botanic Gardens and it did not disappoint. These grounds are maintained like no other and it shows. Lush green everywhere, blooming flowers, water, bridges, everything! Please take a minute to scroll through her photos and show her some love. I’m proud to work with her this year and I hope she enjoys it.

Colorado High School Senior Portraits
Colorado High School Senior Portraits
Colorado High School Senior Portraits

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