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Colorado High School Senior Portraits

For these Colorado senior pictures, I was lucky enough to hang out with Nico of Legacy High School in Broomfield High School, and his mom a few weeks ago.  We headed to Boulder for some pretty sweet locations that make me feel like a true Colorado Native. This is a really popular spot for senior photos because it has so much to offer. When high school seniors tell me that they love photos in tall wheat grass, or a field of sunflowers, I always like to make sure that there’s more to a location that just that one specific request. While both of those are beautiful backdrops, it’s always great to change things up and have some different colors and textures in the background. So, what photographs well for Colorado high school senior photos? Let me help you out!

Colorado High School Senior Portraits


Mountains are what separates Colorado senior pictures from other states, silly! If we have them here, we might as well use them. We can be to the mountains in roughly thirty minutes from Denver so lets go!

Colorado High School Senior Portraits


Just because we see a bridge, doesn’t mean we have to do the standard ‘stand in the middle of the bridge. There’s so much we can do with a bridge. It adds a lot of texture to what might be a very bland park. Downtown Denver has great bridges for more of an urban feel, while several mountain locations have rustic bridges. Fences also create some great places to rest arms and elbows to help out with the common question: “What do I do with my hands?”

Colorado High School Senior Portraits


No, you don’t have to get in the water. But- those shots are always fun if they’re done right and safe. Photographing the sunlight beaming down on the running water is something not all seniors get to do!

Colorado High School Senior Portraits


Brick walls, wood plank walls, glass windows, are all wonderful areas that make portraits pop. Barn doors that are old, painted wall murals, and shiny green windows are all options for your Colorado senior pictures. 

Colorado High School Senior Portraits

Nico’s photos turned out so incredible because we were able to use everything mentioned above. You would never guess that all of this stuff is at one location, huh!? It’s a true gem in Colorado. What I’m just coming to realize (like, within the last year) is that we honestly do live in one of the most gorgeous states. What type of locations make your heart sing? Where would you like to do your Colorado high school photos?

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