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Colorado Child Model- Colorado Photographer

My little Kennedi. She is our youngest, acts the oldest, and sass is her middle name. Kennedi doesn’t have to try to be authentic. She just is. Her personality that is unlike any six year old I’ve ever met. She plays rough with her brother, but is a kind gentle mamma to her Barbie babies. Kennedi is the only one in our family that is an animal lover, and the only one that won’t sleep alone. A special kind of attitude that will win you over, and a way with words that will make you smile.

As a storm brewed over the western slope in Colorado, the most picture-perfect light gazed over the Denver metro area. Within an hour of seeing some pretty dark clouds, I purchased a dress from Old Navy (in my favorite color might I add) for my six year old, strapped my cameras to my back and drove to two different locations. I wasn’t going to let this perfect natural light pass by without some incredible photos of my little itty baby…that isn’t a baby anymore.

Gorgeous from the inside out. A mother’s dream. A Colorado family photographer’s dream! I picked her wardrobe and the location. The angles, the details, and the emotive frames were all made by her. I can’t even being to wrap my head around how beautiful my own child is. How soft her skin is. How sweet her knuckles are.

Focus on the now.

Don’t worry about a dang thing. Your hair, your “good side”, your double-chin that doesn’t exist.

Be present.

Try to take it all in. Truly try to create memories in this very second.

Be authentic.

I don’t want a fake hug, or a fake cuddle. I want the real deal.

Laugh. A lot.

Above all, you look good when you laugh.

Hug. A lot.

Yaaasss! A real hug. Like, dig your hips and shoulders into each other.

She told her very own story within this very short twenty minute session. She showed us how to laugh, how to stand out, how to take it all in, and how to smell the rain. Be authentic.

As a Colorado family photographer, this is my goal for you. Whether you book a Short Story Session or a Full Story Session, your entire story should be told.

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