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Colorado Family and Senior Photos are a must! Another Remund child is a senior! This year, it’s Parker’s turn! Allison, momma of this sweet family, contacted me for some senior photos as well as family session.You see, Nicole, their oldest daughter, was planning on leaving for her Mission to Brazil, so these photos were needing to be super special. 

I met up with the Remunds in Boulder, Colorado for their senior and family photos. You guys, when I say that this family is the sweetest, I mean it. All of them are so polite, so friendly, talkative, caring, and so dang photogenic. Their smiles were 100% genuine and they truly know how to make my job a piece of cake. 

Let Me Tell You Something

And can I tell you something? Quinn, winner of all dads, was on board to do any pose asked. Not very common, huh? Typically dads hate doing family photos. Which, I understand, isn’t the most exciting thing. Family photos is a mother’s blood type. However, Quinn made sure to love on his family just as he would at home. He made sure to request that his wife get a self portrait. He made sure to stare in awe at his growing, gorgeous family. Like I said, Quinn is the winner of all dads. 

When it was Parker’s turn for some senior shots, he knocked it out of the park. He ended up with some amazing images with equally amazing backgrounds. Waiting an extra ten minutes for the sun to set was the most perfect way to wrap up his session. I’m so excited to hear what Parker will be doing with his future. He’s going to be amazing at whatever he chooses. 

I can’t wait to see the Remund family again for their two youngest kiddo’s senior photos!

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